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Welcome to TNT Insurance Services! On the following pages I've attempted to tell you a bit about myself, the company and the products we offer.

Because we offer a broad range of policy types and services, if you don't see what you're looking for please give me a call at 503-623-4342.

When you call TNT, I promise you won't deal with phone trees or endless selections. Should you get voicemail, it's because we are serving someone else but we will return your call promptly.

Our goal is to provide personal service to each person we are privileged enough to have as a client and hope that you will share that experience with your friends and family.

~Kathy Martin-Willis      Owner/Agent
I am pleased to welcome Kristin Thomas to the TNT team. While her specialty is health insurance, she is happy to help with all your insurance needs!
Kathy Martin-Willis
Kristin Thomas